Silver Angelfish pendant, 1 1/2″ tall with bail .925 Sterling gift for her, cut out, sea life jewelry. fast free shipping!


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Fantastic real 925 Sterling Silver cut out Angelfish pendant, High polished, bright polished finish highlights.

Product Type: 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

Product Dimension: Pendant height 1 1/2″ top to bottom with bail

Product Dimension: Pendant widest point 1 1/2″ wide

Product Fastening: 925 Sterling Silver 9mm bail

Product Materials: .925 Sterling Silver

Product Hallmark: 925 stamped on the back of the piece

Product Finish: High polished tarnish resistant finish with
Diamond Cut highlights

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Worldwide Shipping Available 1st Class International Mail Tarnish proof finish
Did you know?
Experts claim that angelfish are very intelligent creatures that can recognize their owners (when kept as pets).
Young freshwater angelfish often live in the group, while adults prefer solitary life. They become territorial and aggressive toward other fish when they reach adulthood.
Angelfish are not agile swimmers and they cannot cope with strong currents in the water.
Natural enemies of angelfish are large species of fish and humans.
Freshwater angelfish form monogamous pairs that last for a lifetime. In the case that one of the partners die, “widow”/”widower” spends the rest of its life in celibacy (it refuses to mate until the end of its life). Marine angelfish are either monogamous or live in harems composed of one male and several females.

3 g
9 × 6 × 1 in



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